The Journal of Financial and Banking Strategic Studies (FBS) is one of the specialized journals of Banking Management, Industrial Engineering, Financial Management, Accounting, IT and Mathematical Sciences published quarterly since 2023 by the Bank Sepah. The purpose of this journal is to provide a good scientific situation for exchanging information among researchers in the field of scientific, technical and specialized researches and enhancing their knowledge level. Publishing the articles in this journal is associated with the following properties:

  • Articles that include the novel contents and have not been published in any other journal; papers presented at the conference are excluded and the same of other articles, evaluated and published if approved.
  • Articles based on advanced theoretical and scientific research have one of the following characteristics:
  1. By investigating the related topics, propose new ideas and get the new results.
  2. Have been prepared in technical, industrial and research areas.
  3. Be written by research and inference on the well-known scientific and technical research works. 

All Original, Application, short case, and case study documents submitted to the Journal of Financial and Banking Strategic Studies are published free of charge and there is no article submission charge. It is noteworthy that the editorial process of the journal uses the Plagiarism Detection Software. The text similarity score below 20% is acceptable by the journal. This journal has no policy allowing authors to deposit versions of their work in an institutional or other repository of their choice.

 Articles in the Journal of FBS are published under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License By submitting an article for publication, the authors' consent to the grant of the said license.

Open Access statement:  Journal of FBS publishes fully open access articles, which means that all articles are available on the internet to all users freely upon publication.

It is noteworthy, the journal publications is archived in "Internet Archive", Civilica and "SID" preservation services.