The objective of the journal is to speed up the decision process without compromising on quality. The journal has a double-blind peer review and the peer reviewers may be members of the editorial board or external reviewers. The selection of peer reviewers depends on their availability and the subject of the manuscript. One step before the reviewing process, the journal editors use the PLAGIARISM software (Samimnoor). The text similarity score below 20% is acceptable by the journal. 

The reviewing period of each article (announcing to the author or starting the reviewing process) is at most 7 days and reviewing process is done by at least 2 reviewers of the journal. It is noteworthy the specified time to review the process is approximately 1 to 3 months at most.

The following illustrates the results of reviewing:

  • The manuscript will be accepted if all peer reviewers recommend the manuscript be accepted.

  • The manuscript will be rejected if more than half of peer reviewers recommend the manuscript be rejected.

  • In all other cases, the reviewers’ comments will be sent back to the submitting author to revise the manuscript.

Below, the reviewing procedure is depicted: