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1 Associate Professor of the Department of Economics, Naragh Branch, Islamic Azad University, Naragh, Iran

2 Graduated in Business Administration, Naraq Branch, Islamic Azad University, Naraq, Iran


Today, some scholars believe that exchange rate Volatility may reduce the arrival of tourists . Therefore, the purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of exchange rate Volatility on the tourism flow in the Iranian economy during the period from the first quarter of 2000 to the fourth quarter of 2020 . In most of the past surveys, the standard deviation of the moving average of the exchange rate logarithm has been used as a criterion for calculating exchange rate Volatility, but in this research, a new criterion was used to assess exchange rate Volatility.The research method used is based on the cointegration theory, including the correction of the error of the exchange rate Volatility criteria using the ARDL econometric model for cointegration . The results showed : a ) In addition to the attractions of visiting countries as expected, the ratio of GDP per capita to relative proportions has a positive and significant impact on the flow of tourism b ) Relative prices in most cases are negative and meaningful, meaning that the relative price level between the country of origin and destination has a significant and negative effect c) The exchange rate Volatility affect the flow of tourism and the arrival of tourists.


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